5 Smart Office Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Workplace

Today we bring you the other side of what we represent as a blog. Office and commercial cleaning!

Our blog is not just about house cleaning and keeping your home fresh. We also deal with office cleaning. So here you go. Below are our favourite five office cleaning tips.

It does not matter if you run a business and you’re a career-long entrepreneur or if you’re simply an employee in a workplace. Nobody likes to work in a dirty office.

What most businesses end up doing is focusing on something like increasing the output of each employee to increase profits. While doing this they tend to forget about the most important aspects of running a business that is profitable for the long term. And that is keeping a healthy workplace not only mentally with good management but literally a clean workplace that is not dirty and unsanitary.

The health of your employees is paramount to none. As a business owner it is your responsibility and yours alone to provide a clean work environment for your employees. And, if you do this then you will be doing the right thing to run a successful business.

An Organised Workplace

Having a small routine that your staff follow on a daily basis to keep the workplace organised and mess free is worth its weight in gold.

Have a quick look around your office at the end of a workday day and take note of everything that looks quite cluttered and messy. You might find that cups in the kitchen are left out, maybe you’ll find papers left all over the place. You might find that boxes are where they should not be.

Once you have identified the issues in your workplace that need to be fixed when it comes to keeping things in their correct places you can get to work on preparing a short checklist that your stuff need to abide to me before they leave the office.

One extra thing you can easily implement it to get paper trays for your staff. This way they will not have documents lying around all over the place.

Build a Cleaning Checklist

One thing to do before contracting a commercial cleaning company is to make sure that you know what needs to be cleaned. This way you can make a comparison. You might have a checklist that can be completed within one hour every evening and it might be worth it to pay a staff member extra who is willing to stay back that 1 hour to do the cleaning.

Once you have this checklist you will also know if the amount of work that needs to be done is too much work for one or two staff members and it’s time to speak to a commercial cleaning company.

Clean Carpets means Health Staff!

The amount of dust and allergens that live inside carpets can cause people to get sick if they’re not removed. The thing is with carpets everything that is harmful to one’s health is generally invisible as its living inside the carpet fibers. That coffee that is split on some carpet in your office is not a health risk to anyone other than it being an eyesore. But all the invisible germs are a health risk!

This is why it is extremely important to make sure that your carpets are cleaned on a regular basis in the office or any workplace for that matter.

Depending on how much space there is in the office will depend if you need carpet cleaning done on a nightly basis by a staff member or if you need to contract a commercial cleaning company to do real carpet cleaning. But do keep in mind that an office gets 100 times dirties and it happens 100 times faster than the carpets do in your home. So you can’t skip carpet cleaning.

Essential Daily Desk Cleaning

Once you have created your cleaning checklist something that you need to make sure your employees partake in and something that is on that check list. Is to make sure that your employees keep their desks clean.

Have the requirements set that if staff eat at the desk they are required to wipe the desk down when they are done. Have another requirement set that on Friday before leaving for the weekend staff need to wipe down the keyboard. Why, because keyboards carry a huge amount of dirt and grime that builds up. Just look at the example picture of that dirty keyboard! Horrible right!

These are just a few examples. A few basic cleaning responsibilities completed by each staff member will dramatically cut down the amount of work that’s needed by a commercial cleaning company and this will actually save you a little bit of money and keep the workplace cleaner also.

Keep the Bathrooms Fresh

One of the dirtiest places in a workplace is definitely the bathroom and in particular the toilet. Just think for a moment how dirty and how quickly your toilet at home gets if you don’t clean it on a regular basis. Now amplify that by 100 with the amount of people using the restrooms in a workplace.

Make sure cleaning products are readily available in case a staff member identifies something in the bathroom needs to be wiped down or cleaned. Make sure that all the door knobs, Taps, basins and all the other areas of the washroom are cleaned on a daily basis. If not multiple times per day.

This will ensure that your staff do not get sick.

Hopefully these office cleaning tips were helpful for you!


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