Opening Times

Weekdays 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday throughout the year.

Weekends and Bank holidays 12pm to 4pm Saturday and Sunday (April to October inclusive).

Museum Closed

Closed for staff function on 9th Dec

Closed for Christmas after closing 18th Dec and will re-open on 6th Jan 2015.

The Memorial Garden

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The Memorial Garden was designed and laid out by Colonel PR Sawyer OBE MC in 1954 to house the main Royal Hampshire Regiment Memorial, which takes the form of a square plinth on which all the theatres of war the Regiment has taken part are recorded.

In the centre is a flagpole from which the Regimental flag flies when the museum is open. Four rectangular rose beds surround the memorial on which former members of the Regiment, if they so choose, have their ashes scattered.

The garden is open to the public and many passers by come in to admire and smell the beautiful display of roses.

The Museum

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The museum was opened shortly after the Second World War and originally occupied two floors. In 2004 it was reopened in its present site on the ground floor of Serles House.

It comprises of two large rooms connected by a long corridor which houses the picture gallery.

The first room you enter concerns the history of the Regiment from 1702 until 1905. The second room is from Dunkirk to the present day in Afghanistan.

Serle's House

This Grade II listed building was built in about 1730 for one William Sheldon. The architect is thought to be Thomas Archer (1668-1743).

The house remained in the Sheldon family until 1781 when it was sold to an attorney, James Serle. It was his son, Peter, who forged the link between the house and the Military when he was appointed a Captain in the South Hants Militia.

The house was sold to the government in 1796.

The history of the house and the regiment have been one ever since. Today the building houses the Regimental Museum and Archive and is also home to the Offices of the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire.